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Kings Langley Good Neighbours Association

07790 668672

We provide voluntary services, such as transport to surgeries and hospitals, simple DIY, visiting and a weekly Lunch Club, for people in the village who have needs caused by age, ill-health, disability or inadequate resources.

We are a relatively small, local organisation and there is a limit to our resources. We are only able to offer those services which involve the client being outside their home in circumstances where we are confident that we can provide an environment which meets the health and safety needs of the individual client. This website contains links to other organisations which may be able to provide services which we are unable to provide.

Care Line

0800 101 3333

The Careline alarm is designed to help older, frail or disabled people remain in their own homes, with the knowledge that they always have somebody to help them in an emergency.

The Careline service includes an alarm base unit, which plugs into the telephone line, and a comfortable pendant which goes around the wrist or neck. All attachments are included in the Careline package.

The Careline alarm can easily be installed and tested by the user. Once the test is complete, the user will be connected to our 24-hour Care Team.

In an emergency, the alarm user simply presses the red button on their pendant and the monitoring team will respond. The situation is assessed over the base unit's loudspeaker and help is found in the form of emergency contacts and, if needed, the emergency services.

Reach Out Project (for disabled)

07780 313651

01462 689403

Reach Out is a project that provides companionship and practical support to older people who are medically vulnerable and at risk of hospital admission, or have recently been discharged from hospital. Reach Out can assist people by linking them up with a volunteer in their neighbourhood who can offer support to them in their own home – helping them to adjust to and recover from illness, whilst also reducing social isolation and loneliness.

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